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Ganglion Cyst

A ganglion cyst is a swelling that develops under the skin and is filled with fluid. They’re commonly found in the hands, wrists or fingers and can vary in size, from a pea to a golf ball.

The main symptom of a ganglion cyst is the noticeable lump that develops. They’re generally painless, but you may experience some discomfort, numbness or weakness around the cyst if it presses on a nerve or due to the underlying degenerative process

It’s not known exactly what causes ganglion cysts, but you may be at higher risk if you’re living with osteoarthritis or have previously injured the area where the cyst is. It is usually related to underlying wear and tear either from a joint or a tendon.If you’ve had a ganglion cyst before, it’s common for them to return again.


If you notice a lump on your wrist, hand or fingers, or have any pain, you can book an initial consultation with Mr Sarker at his clinics in Essex or London.

During your initial consultation, Mr Sarker will examine the lump and talk to you about any pain you’re experiencing. Once diagnosed, Mr Sarker will explain the treatment options available to you.


Ganglion cysts are generally harmless, but they can be uncomfortable and noticeable. Mr Sarker may recommend a range of treatments including:

Removing the fluid (aspiration)

Ganglion cysts are filled with fluid, so the first step is removing the build-up inside the cyst. This is also known as aspiration. Mr Sarker will use a needle and a syringe to get rid of as much fluid as possible. The process is straightforward and can be done in clinic.

Surgery for ganglion cysts

In some cases, cysts can return even once they’ve been aspirated. If they do come back, you might need surgery on the cyst. In most cases, this involves open surgery, meaning Mr Sarker will make a cut into the cyst to remove it.

Some ganglion cysts can be removed using arthroscopy, which is a type of keyhole surgery. This means Mr Sarker will make a smaller cut and use a camera to look inside the joint and remove the cyst. This surgery isn’t as invasive, but the type of surgery and anaesthetic you have will depend on your individual needs, including where the cyst is located.

Mr Sarker will talk you through all the options and make sure you’re fully informed before you have the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my private medical insurance?

Yes, Mr Sarker is approved by all major medical insurance providers and these treatments are well recognised. You’ll need to make sure your particular insurer provides you with  authorisation at each stage of your journey.

Can I pay for my own treatment?

Yes, Mr Sarker is happy to see patients on a self-pay basis. If you’re looking for prompt treatment from an expert hand and wrist consultant, you can book an appointment with Mr Sarker by getting in touch directly. You’ll be made aware of all of the prices for anything you need well ahead of having them, so you can make the right decision for you.

How much is a consultation with Mr Sarker?

An initial consultation is £250, and a follow up consultation is £175. The price of any scans, tests or treatments will depend on the hospital you visit, but you’ll be made aware of any costs well in advance of any procedure, so that you can make an informed choice.

Do I need a referral letter to see Mr Sarker?

Mr Sarker is happy to see you without a referral letter, but if you’re using your insurance, you should check with them as they may request that you get one.

Where can I see Mr Sarker privately?

Mr Sarker has clinics in Essex and Central London. You can see them all here.

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